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1. Conditions of Swiss use


Intellectual property

All the elements constituting this site : text, graphics, software, photos, images, videos, sounds, plans, names, logos, marks, creations and diverse protectable works, databases, put downor not, and as well as the site itself raise legislations Switzerland(Swiss) and international on the copyright and the intellectual protection. In particular, photos and plans are the property of ®  and can be transmitted on no account in thirds. ® reserves the right to commit legal proceedings in case of violation.

The site ® is the property ®. The elements of this site are the property or are used by ® with with the agreement of the holders of the rights.
According to the Code of the Intellectual property, it is forbidden to use and/or to reproduce and/or to represent and/or to modify and/or to adapt and/or to translate and\or to copy and/or to distribute, any of the elements of the site or the site itself in a complete or partial way, whatever support it is (electronic, paper or support) without the express and preliminary authorization of ®.
Any use not expressly authorized pulls a violation of copyright and establishes a forgery She can also pull a violation of the rights of the people and all other rights and the regulations in force. She can thus engage the civil and/or penal responsibility of her author. ® reserves the right to commit legal proceedings against every person who would not have respected this ban.



Right on databases

The site is also a database protected according to the article L.341-1 of the Code of the Intellectual property. ® produces this base and reminds that any extraction, the whole lot or a part qualitatively or quantitatively substantial of the contents Of the base, whatever is the shape, for purposes of re-use is forbidden.
Any extraction or use of the contents of the base not expressly authorized, can engage the civil and/or penal responsibility of his author. ® reserves the right to commit legal proceedings against every person who would not have respected this ban.
As a consequence, the user of ® makes a commitment in not not :
●  Use or question the site for the account or the profit of other
●  Reproduce in number, for commercial purposes or not, information presented by
●  Copy the information to supports(media) of all kinds allowing to reconstitute all or part of the information of origin.
Responsibilities ® could not be held responsible:
- Damage of all kinds, direct or indirect resulting from the contents and/or from the access and/or from the use of the site (and/or sites which are connected to him), including in particular but not restrictively any operating loss, financial or commercial, loss of programs and/or data, any deteriorations or virus which could infect the computing equipment or any other property of the user Of the site.
- Technical or other problems making the access to the site (and/or in sites being connected to him) difficult, unpredictable, even impossible, and what whatever it the origin and the origin.
- The contents of the information presented on the site, their interpretation and more generally the errors or the omissions than could contain the site, although ® tries hard to spread precise information and to update them through its site
- Existing differences between the reality and the creations realized by ® (plans, arrangements(developments) 3D, photos).
In case of abnormal use or of an illicit exploitation of www. the user of the site is solely responsible for any damage caused in any third including to ®, and for consequences and actions which could ensue from it. The user of the site also gives up exercising any appeal against ® in the case of pursuits carried out by a third against him/her because of the use and/or of the illicit exploitation of the site.
The right to contact members
The member ® (owners of an announcement) used the services ® only with the aim of communicating with private individuals. The first contact is thus Exclusively reserved for the private individuals in search of a real property. Any commercial doorstep selling will entail an immediate deactivation of the used account and all its features.
2. General terms of sale SWISS
Article 1 - Our rates and payments
The prices of our services are indicated in CHF including the current VAT of 8 %. ® reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but will be charged on the basis of the current rates at the time of the validation of your command
The on-line publishing of the property on ® cannot intervene before the complete payment of the service.
The payment can be made by:
-  Cash
- Bank transfer
Price lists posted  above are presented for information purposes, criteria such as the surface, the location  of the property, the volume or personalized services can influence the final price of the estimate. No obligation of purchase, the customer remains free to accept or to refuse estimate proposed.
Article 2 - Orders
The signatory of the contract (owner of the property) put in the sale) called also member VenteImmoSwiss makes a commitment to supply (in 8 days according to the date of signature of the contract) the copies of documents necessary for the creation and for the on-line publishing of the property. These documents are: the deed of property, the statement of responsibilities, the last report of assemblé dress rehearsal, the local residence tax as well as the basic tax. The seller will have to suit also on a said appointment "photo" so that the photographer carried out by the company ® can put quickly in the "on-line" sale the property.
Article 3 - Validation
You declare to have acquainted and accepted the present general terms of sale before the signing of command. The validation of the order form Thus acceptance of these Conditions.
Article 4 - Conclusion of the contract
In every case, the sale contract is considered concluded only at the time of the debit of the account of the consumer for cards of payment, the date of reception of the transfer in case of bank transfer, and in that of the collection of the check for payments by check. Unless proved otherwise, the data registered by ® constitute the proof of all the transactions spent with ®.
Article 5.1 - Payment
The consumer expressly declares to arrange all the necessary authorizations for the purposes of use of the method of payment which he chose during the validation of his order. it makes besides a commitment to make sure of his solvency before any command, fault for the company ® not to be able to proceed to the on-line publishing of the property. The company ® leaves besides the possibility of suspending or of cancelling any contract in case of refusal of delivery of authorization of payment on behalf of the financial bodies questioned according to the method of payment chosen by the consumer.
Also, it leaves the possibility of refusing to take into account a contract emanating from a private individual with whom a relative dispute in particular in the payment of a previous contract would remain. The consumer is besides informed about the fact that the company ® can proceed to the analysis and/or to the check of elements supplied to fight against the embezzlements, and in this executive the possibility of asking to the quite justificatory signatory of the contract or the command  saves itself that she would consider useful.
It saves itself at the end of this procedure the possibility of suspending or of cancelling any command and on-line publishing, even in case of authorization of payment freed by the concerned financial bodies, in the cases where this analysis and/or these checks would give to think that the aforementioned command is smuggled by the rights of a third. it could besides not support no responsibility in case of embezzlement or of fraudulent use of any means of payment which would not have been detected by this procedure of analysis and/or check.
Article 5.2 - Penalties in case of delay or in case of not payment
In case of delay or in case of not payment, late charges are due in the daytime according to the date of regulation appearing on the invoice at the rate of 3 times the legal rate without a reminder is necessary (Art. L144-6 of the commercial law) and will come to be added to the penalty clause planned contractually.
Besides, such a delay will take immediate and irreversible cancellation of all the reductions in price which would have been agreed to the customer and will pull the forfeiture of the term as well as has signing of the file in the legal department which will proceed to the automatic covering of the entire due claim by every possible means of straight ahead. Any expenses related to the procedure are répercutables in the full and whole responsibility of the debtor. ® reserves the right to pronounce the resolution of the contract by rights because of the non-fulfillment of the obligation to pay for the required deadlines, without warning, nor formality.
Article 6 - Financing and collection by Raiffeisen ® call on to the bodies of financing and collection: Raiffeisen de la Versoix forks out.
Article 7 - Delivery
The on-line publishing of the property on the site ® is made in the date indicated on the order form without being able to exceed  one month, said date " extreme of on-line publishing". Dice the on-line publishing of the property an e-mail informing the "member"("limb") VenteImmoSwiss is sent to him(her) for information.
If for reasons of force majeure the on-line publishing do not can be made, ® cannot be held responsible and makes a commitment to make the complete refund of the amount stipulated on the order form.
Article 8 - Nullity - Tolerance
In case the one or several of the conditions of the present general conditions would be considered not valid or declared as such in enforcement of a law, a regulation or following a decision become definitive of a competent jurisdiction, the other conditions will keep all their strength or their reach. The fact for the company ® or the consumer not to take advantage of a breach in one of the obligations ensuing from present general conditions or to tolerate a situation has not the effect of granting to the other part of vested interests. Such a tolerance could not be interpreted on no account as a renunciation to assert to right the rights in cause.
Article 9 - Force majeure - applicable Law
The mutual resulting obligations present general conditions may be suspended in case of emergence of a coincidence or a force majeure. Those usually held by the jurisprudence of Courts and courts Switzerland(Swiss) will be considered in particular as such. The present general conditions are submitted to the Swiss law as regards thorough rules as rules of shape. Any dispute will have to be the object of an attempt of amicable settlement.
Article 10 - Cooling-off period Article L .121-4, L.121-3
According to the current legal requirements, you have 7 days as from the signature of the contract to exercise your right to withdraw with ® without having to prove motives or to pay of penalty. This mail must be sent at the latest the seventh day from the command or if this deadline  expires one Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or non-work day, the next first working day.
In case of cancellation of command(order) the mail must be sent in registered letter in: ®, Geneva, 13 Street Ferdinand-Hodler.
Article 11 - Refund
Refund in the hypotheses of articles 5, 7,8 and 9 will be made as soon as possible and at the latest in 30 days according to the date in which the law was exercised. The refund will be made on proposal of ® by bank check sent in the name of the customer having placed the order and at the billing address.
Article 12 - applicable right disputes
- The present legal requirements are subjected  to the Swiss law.
- The language of the present legal notices are in French language.
- In case of Swiss dispute, the courts will be only competent.
Article 13 - Customer service
For any information or questions, our customer service is at your disposal: from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am till 6:00 pm in 41 ( 0 ) 78 894 93 01
Article 14 - Followed commands
For the follow-up of command please contact us:
- By telephone: 41 ( 0 ) 78 894 93 01
Article 15 - name specific Information
The information and given concerning you is necessary for the management of your command and for our business connections. This information and data are also kept for purposes of safety, to respect the legal and statutory obligations and as well as to allow us to improve and to personalize the services which we propose you and the information which we send you.
According to data protection acts of January 6th, 1978, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to the personal data concerning you by indicating us your name, first name, e-mail sends and so possible your customer reference. According to the regulations in force, your mail must be signed and accompanied with the photocopy of a title of identity carrying your signature and to specify the address which the answer has to reach you. An answer will then be sent to you within 2 months following the reception of the request.
Our site is also conceived to be particularly attentive to the needs for our customers. It is among others for it that we make use of cookies. The cookie aims at indicating your passage on our site. Cookies are thus used by ® only with the aim of improving the personalized service which is intended for you. Furthermore we can be brought to collect information concerning you susceptible to be the object of automated treatments. Certain name specific information which are collected within the framework of the present site, is compulsory for the treatment(processing) of your requests, one more time with the aim of improving the personalized service which is intended for you.
The site www. is edited by the company" ® ", sole proprietorship, whose head office is situated in: 
Geneva, 13 Street Ferdinand-Hodler - Such: 41 ( 0 ) 78 894 93 01 - IDE: CHE-451.314.0008 N°féd: CH-660-2722014-0.
The editorial director of the site is Mister Dylan Chavanne.
The accommodation of the site is assured by:, 2 street Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.
The site ® is an establishment of assistance and of advice to the private individuals, of creation and management of web site of announcements, as well as communication and multimedia.
According to Data protection acts (Law N 78-17 of January 6th, 1978) you have a right of access, opposition and modification of the data which concern you by sending to you directly to ®.
- Or by mail: ® - Geneva, 13 Street Ferdinand-Hodler.
Article 16 - Reassurance
For fifteen years, accommodates your data and pays a particular attention on their protection. To guarantee you the highest levels of safety, we took care of setting up effective devices as well as arsenal of best practice at every level of our organization and our infrastructures. You so benefit for your contents of an availability, an integrity and a staunch confidentiality.